Hillock Bites Mixed Fruit 10mg Sativa x 4 Gummies


All natural Hillock Bites are edibles that are clean, single origin and made from scratch. Made in-house, our gummies contain only natural ingredients. Flavoured using medicine heavy turmeric and hibiscus flower for aroma. Appetizingly coloured with bold annatto seed and beet powder.

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Hillock Bites Mixed Fruit 10mg Sativa x 4 Gummies ~ naturally Flavoured Organic Gummies by Vapes and Gummies

Made in-house, our gummies contain only natural ingredients. All out treats are potent! Use discretion when partaking of our tasty treats. Keep out of reach of children and pets!

Dose: 10mg THC per dose / 4 doses per bag
Flavours: Mixed Fruit
Ingredients: Natural Flavouring | Tumeric | Annato Seed | Sugar | Glucose | Beet Powder | Hibiscus | Citric Acid

Locally Grown ~ British Columbia has been recognized as a prime cannabis growing region.
Our temperate climate and dedicated, well established grow culture makes our locale and the product it produces, world class.
We use only authentic fruit flavours and natural colourings.
Our products are made of our own local flowers.
Grown in premium conditions on Canada’s Westcoast.

We harvest only our finest cannabis flowers for our BHO and RSO extracts.
Our facilities reflect our commitment to producing a superior product.
In order to create the best of the best you need the right equipment for the job.
Our labs are state of the art and built and managed by food professionals passionate about good taste and choice quailty.

Premium growing conditions produce premium flowers.
With knowledge from experience we’ve created a grow environment primed to allow our flowers to reach their full potential.
We do not cut corners, from soil to light, seed to harvest, everything we do is master craft.

Premium flowers produce premium products.
We select only the best of our bud to produce a product that is consistent, potent and reliable.
So you know what your getting is always premium. Always.


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